(524) is a website with a goal of giving its users the ability to find the best possible insurance for them at the most budget friendly price, regardless of the type of insurance they are looking for.

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Their website says that they give customers a “free, simple, and effective” way to conveniently shop for online insurance – they say they “empower” consumers to stop overpaying for insurance coverage.

They do this in a very simple way. First, you give them your regional location so they can identify the insurance carriers in your area who can best meet your needs. Then you let them know what kind of insurance you are looking for: health, home, renters, life, business, or auto.

All you need to do is complete a single application on their website, and they will submit this application to every insurance company that is relevant to your needs. Once this application is submitted, it is up to the companies to provide you with quotes.

Up to four different companies will contact you with eligible quotes, and says they understand that they are in competition for your business and therefore should offer their best quality plans at the best possible prices. In addition, promises that they work with the largest and most established insurance companies in the country.

Once you have your offers, you can compare and contrast each policy side by side so you can see which one truly works the best for you. And if you are not completely comfortable with insurance terminology or coverage issues, the website says they can help you with that too.

They offer you a “Weekly Deals” Newsletter for free so you can keep up to date with promotional offers, but they also offer educational articles which can help you best answer any questions you may have about coverage options.

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