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Check City, found online at, is a website that helps you with a wide variety of financial services for whatever you need, from cashing a check to getting a payday loan to finding a money order or buying your gold.

How Does It Work?

First you must determine what type of financial service it is that you need addressed. Once you know whether you are looking for a short term loan or a title loan, you can move forward to actually applying.

The application process will be slightly different dependent on what service you are moving forward with, but once you have submitted your application you will be contacted by someone regarding the next steps.

Cost/Price Plans

Some services won’t actually cost you anything, like the gold buying service, while others will have very minimal fees, like check cashing or getting a money order.

Other financial services, including their wide variety of loans, will have much higher costs and fees. Before you accept the terms of any loan, it is up to you to make sure you know exactly what costs and fees will be charged throughout the process. 

Refund Policy

For the type of financial services being provide by Check City, a Refund Policy is not really applicable. However, you can check with their customer service team to determine if there is any recourse for customers who have complaints or issues.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who have questions or complaints they would like to speak with someone about can either call them at 800-404-0245, or through their live chat online feature.


All pay loan companies and matching companies suffer from mixed reviews because the high interest rates and fees associated with payday loans, as well as a controversial history of predatory lending practices, have created a lot of unhappy customers. The most important thing is carefully read the terms of any financial agreement before you sign.

Is It Safe?

There do not seem to be any complaints about safety associated with this company.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different short term loan matching services online, like ClickNLoan, 365 Day Loan,, and more.
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