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Fast Track Debt Relief Inc. provides help to those who are struggling to pay off their debt. Since each individual’s situation is unique, their services are personalized to accommodate each client’s needs. It is free to access their site and use their online tools and resources. To find out if you qualify, start by submitting the online form; this form requires you to enter the amount of your unsecured debt, the state in which you reside, and whether you rent or own. Within 24 hours a debt advisor will contact you with a quote.  Not everyone is eligible for their program and there are no guaranteed results. If they are able to work out an agreement with your creditors, you will have the opportunity to quickly pay off your debt in one lump sum. Having enough money to pay off the final settlement may take time to build up. Fast Track Debt Relief sets up an account for you to transfer money into in lieu of paying your bills; this account acts similarly to a savings account. The money accumulated in the account will be available to use when a settlement has been reached. Additionally, service fees are deducted from this “savings” account. Service fees span over the length of time it takes for them to negotiate a deal with the creditors, the average settlement time period is 36 months. Throughout the process, settlement attorneys, expert debt specialists, specialized debt negotiators and customer care agents will be working on your case. Fast Track Debt Relief does not guarantee results in the end. This is why it is important to evaluate whether this service, or a similar service, will help or hinder your debt situation. Online complaints posted by clients were unfavorable. These individuals were constantly harassed by collection agencies when they stopped making payments as advised by Fast Track Debt Relief. In addition, clients who did not receive a settlement paid for Fast Track Debt Relief service fees and found their debt to be far worse than it was prior to using their services. Being overwhelmed with the stress of debt is common and there are different ways to handle it. Consider seeking help from non-profit companies who specialize in debt consolidation and debt settlements. These companies offer assistance in terms of paying off debt while also educating consumers on how to manage their finances long term.  If you are lucky enough to be afforded with a settlement from this company, you must be able to control and monitor your spending once this debt has been paid to avoid reverting to where you started. 

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