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LenderFi.com is a direct lender of mortgages and refinancing loans that was established in 2006 and promises to provide lower cost mortgages with a simple and easy borrowing process.

According to their website, they work hard to make sure their rates and fees are the lowest they possibly can be by simplifying the borrowing process so that it is more efficient and cost effective.

First, they are a licensed, direct lender who can fully process the entire loan procedure from beginning to end, without the services of a middle man. In addition, they have a “state of the art” interactive online system which helps them eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Finally, their employees do not work on commission, so they have no motivation to sell you a loan that is not right for you, and they claim to have an A+ rating from the BBB. Their website says that all of these things are meant to translate into savings for their customers.

LenderFi.com also offers a lowest rate guarantee to ensure their customers have no complaints about the rates and fees they are quoted. If you can find better rates and fees from another national lender that LenderFi cannot match or beat, then they will send you a check for $1,950.

Their website allows you to get an instant mortgage rate in ten seconds, once you provide them with the amount of the loan, the total property value, the state and county where the property is located, whether you are looking for a purchase or refinance loan, and your credit score.

Once you’ve given them all your information and submit it, it should take only minutes to approve your loan, and the website promises that the price you see will be the price you get, and that all rates you are quoted are accurate.

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