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CareOne Debt Relief Services, found online at, is a corporation which promises that it is dedicated to the work of credit repair service and to helping the customers find the right way to get out of debt.

CareOne founder Bernie Dancel decided to create a credit counseling agency twenty years ago when he himself had to declare bankruptcy. After this process, he decided he wanted to establish a company which would help others find ways beyond bankruptcy to handle their debt.

Their website promises that their debt relief counselors have all previously been in difficulties with debt themselves as well. Because of this, CareOne promises their counselors are not only professional, but they will also be empathetic and compassionate.

Their services include a wide range of ways to approach your debt beyond declaring bankruptcy, like debt consolidation, debt relief, debt help, loan consolidation, debt management, credit card consolidation, credit counseling service, and debt settlement.

In addition, the company promises that they have established relationships with over 207,000 different creditors in order to make it easier for you to receive benefits like a reduction in interest rates, as well as the elimination of late fees and the stopping of all collection calls.

To new members, they offer a guarantee which promises that if you are not 100% satisfied with the services they have provided you within the first six months of you agreement, you can request a full refund of the service cost you have paid, no questions asked.

And once your debt settlement has been reached, their website also promises to offer resources that will help their customers understand how to better manage money, so that in the future, their financial security will be safe.

It is important to note, however, that though debt settlement is a legit method of managing debt, it does negatively impact your credit score, at least temporarily. As your debt becomes paid off, however, this negative impact should be neutralized.

In order to avoid complaints and issues, you may want to speak to your counselor about these issues in advance.

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