(145) is a loan matching service that specializes in providing assistance to people who are looking for real estate loans, including refinancing, reverse mortgages, or purchasing mortgages. 

How Does It Work? does not actually supply borrowers with the money they wish to borrow directly. Instead they are a website that promises to match people with lenders that can meet their borrowing needs, based on the information they collect which will be considered by the lenders themselves. 

First, you are asked the type of loan you are interested in receiving a quote for, including Mortgage, Refinance, or Reverse Mortgage, and the type of property the loan will be for, including Single Family, Multi-Family, Condominium, or Townhouse. You then must let them know whether you are interested in figuring out how much you can borrow, getting pre-qualified for a loan, or comparing loans for a home you have already chosen. 

Depending on your answers, you will be brought through a list of questions to better determine what kind of company is best suited to your needs and how they will best be able to address them. Once you have filled out all your information, you will need to provide them with your contact information and then submit all this information to their website. 

Since is a portal website that collects all your information into a single place, once they have all that information, they will release your it to their partner lenders and real estate agents, who will then begin contacting you to discuss your needs with you directly.  

Cost/Price Plans

Using this website to find a lender who will work with you is completely free, but certainly the cost of accepting a real estate loan depends on many different factors. The first and most obvious is the amount of you plan to borrow, combined with the length of time you take to pay it back, and the interest rate that is being applied. 

In addition, borrowers will want to pay close attention to agreements that will apply additional fees or charges during the term of your loan for actions like late payments, loan extensions, and more.  

Refund Policy

Loans do not have Refund Policies, but they may have periods during which they can canceled and the borrowed money can be returned without any payment of interest or penalties. Customers should speak directly to the lender or check to see whether this information is included in the terms of the loans that are provided to you.

Customer Service Contact Info

Unfortunately it does not appear that this company provides any contact information to the public at this time, instead choosing to just have their customers provide their contact information and then interact with the potential lenders and agents directly, without using them as a middle man. 


Unfortunately there are not many reviews available from customers and borrowers at this time, likely because this is just a matching website with which customers don’t actually do business. 

But customers do need to be aware that providing your information to this company is the equivalent to providing your contact information to a wide variety of lenders who will then contact you, often repeatedly. Keeping in this in mind, you may want to consider exactly what contact information you will provide for them.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different websites that offer this same type of free service, where they match up borrowers with qualified lenders, including,,, Lendgo, and many others. 

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